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About Us

The best environment for children to learn, develop, and grow.

Joan Bourriague’s Preschool was established in 1966 by Joan Bourriague, a local community member and kindergarten teacher, with a commitment to quality early childhood education and kindergarten readiness.


Susan Cretekos, a teacher who worked with Ms. Bourriague for many years, was offered the opportunity to take over the school in 1992 by Joan. The school’s original mission to provide positive learning experiences in a caring and accommodating environment has been carried on by Ms. Cretekos as well as a caring and knowledgeable staff that supports the same ideals.


We consider ourselves to be a boutique style School. Early on we attempted to meet demand by increasing our size but found it to be too difficult to keep to our core mission. Over the last twenty years we have prided ourselves on being small and accommodating, with no more than 12 children per class. We feel this creates the best environment for children to learn, develop, and grow!

Our Philosophy

Encourage individual way of learning and a successful transition to elementary education.

At JB Preschool, children experience a nurturing and caring environment. We feel this is the best way to develop a positive self-concept that leads to a successful transition to elementary education. Children are engaged in activities that foster positive feelings which help to develop a healthy attitude about learning, themselves, and their fellow students.

Joan Bourriague’s Preschool follows a developmentally appropriate philosophy. Children will be taught in the ways that encourage their own specific way of developing and learning. They will be challenged just beyond the level of their present ability and will be given opportunities to practice newly acquired skills.

The primary goal of any preschool should be to encourage social and language skill development. Further goals should include helping the child develop independence, acceptance of responsibilities, self-discipline, and self-expression, we provide an excellent curriculum, staff and environment to accomplish this.

Children not potty trained can be enrolled at JB Preschool.
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