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March at

JB Preschool



We have a new month, "March” that we will be discussing and learning about the changing of the Seasons! Now that we are in March we will be learning about the Season of Winter and it transitioning into Spring and what all comes with it. During the month of March we will also be learning about Saint Patrick's Day, all that we have to look forward to and how fun this time of year can be!


Phonics – We will be learning many songs and words that relate to the Season of Winter. Please feel free to help your child bring a “Share and Tell” item that starts with the letter for each week so we can continue practicing speaking with “big voices” in front of our friends!

Social Skills –  The start of the new season and we will be discussing plans for the year. Discussing transitions and plans to have a happy and productive year.

Music – We will be singing songs about the season of Winter, the Holidays and the New Year and what's to come.

Art – We will be working on many colorful Winter themes, trees, flowers, temperature changing, and all the fun activities associated with them.

 We have been with JB for over 5 years spanning two kids (one girl, one boy). We were looking for a place that helped transition our kids from being at home to more of a school setting. Susan, the owner and teacher, is vested in understanding your child and working with the parents to achieve social and academic goals. I like that the kids get a balance of park time, academic time, and indoor play. In addition, I enjoy the flexibility she provides with pick-ups and drop-offs to accommodate my schedule...

Ashish Patel